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Welcome to my Web site!
I’m Holly Trimble, a college professor, and the author of the eBook “College Success Now!” and several non-credit online courses. Please look around to learn about my eBook and courses and to read my blogs on education, health, and science.

Choosing a College

1Which geographic location do you prefer? What degree do you want to pursue? Do you want to attend a large university or small private college? Should you pursue an online degree or program? College Success Now! offers insight into all of these important questions.outlook india

Applying to College

2Once you have a pretty good idea of the criteria you’ve set for choosing a college, it’s time to start working on your applications. This can seem overwhelming for many prospective college students. College Success Now! walks you through it step by step.

Financing your Education

3 I have three children working on their bachelor’s degrees and two children in graduate school this year. Financing their education has been quite a challenge and a joint effort between my children and me. Since I’ve definitely been there, I can give you some pointers that will make a difference for you.

Preparing for Success

4It’s very important that you plan your course load carefully. You want to take enough classes to meet the requirements of your financial aid and scholarship offers, but you don’t want to become overwhelmed. College Success Now! offers a checklist to help you prepare for success.

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